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Smile, Sparkle & Shine || Reasons To be Happy

The other day, well last few days I've not been feeling my usual chirpy happy self and for those of you who know me really well will know that I'm such a happy go lucky kind of girl and that it takes a lot to bring me down. Now I don't want to bore you with details about the little dramas in my life and what caused me to not feel like myself, but I'm really in the mood to sit down in front of my computer and just type away to you all, so forgive me if this post is a little all over the place, it has no structure to it whatsoever and I'm just going with the flow here. 

So like I was saying, the last few days I've not been that happy and it wasn't until I sat down with a few close ones talked about my feelings to realise that the cause of my unhappiness was down to other peoples actions, which I think is the problem for a lot of us. There is always so much drama going on in our lives in someway or another, big or small and you get close to people, get emotionally connected and involved in other peoples lives. It occurred to me that sometimes we rely way too much on other people to make us happy, when I think the truth is we should always rely on ourselves and be happy within anyway - Another persons actions shouldn't be the cause of our unhappiness and cause us to dwell on things too much. It was a really good friend that told me this sometime ago, when she was giving herself her own advice and for some reason her wise words stayed in my mind. 

I took myself out of my sad little mood and decided to put myself back in my happy bubble. I realised that there is so much good in my life and so many reasons to be happy than unhappy. I think we really can be the cause of our own unhappiness sometimes, and all we have to do is have the right onset and outlook in life to see that we actually do have so much to be happy about. 

Some people may think it's ignorance that I can sometimes live in my own happy bubble and I'm not saying that I don't care about others and those around me who I adore - But I think it's really important that whatever you do in life you happy and that ultimatley you make the choices that are going to pop a smile on your face. 

Sometimes when you get sad (myself included) can find it easy to think and re think about the things that made us feel that way, so I really just want to share with you all the many reasons that there are to be happy and hopefully you'll finish reading this post and be smiling. 

The world is beautiful and there are so many beautiful places and things that surround us can often be taken for granted. When you see beautiful things, it makes you smile and a smile can go along way to making you happy.

One thing that makes me really happy is having dreams and most importantly following them. I've come across far too many people in my life who don't have dreams and ambitions and as a result I always heard them moaning about their life and how unhappy they are. I think having goals, dreams and something to work towards does make you happy and achieving them with do more than double your happiness. 

Some might say looks and beauty isn't everything and whilst I agree with this statement, I do think that true beauty and beauty from within means everything. A smile is a beautiful thing, not only does it make you happy, it's infectious and makes others smile too. 

I think this is a really hard one as sometimes it can be hard to let go of the things that are causing you to be unhappy or sad, but I think if you can't change the situation that is making you unhappy then you need to let it go and try and change your attitude towards the situation

Eating delishous foods always makes me happy, fresh fruit is a favourite of mine, especially strawberries and whenever I eat the foods I love I can't help but feel happy!

Don't over think things, what will be will be. I'm a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason and there are just some things in life that we have no control over whatsoever. Sometimes in order to be happy we just have to go with the flow and forget all of those grey areas that we will never really know the answers too.  

Everyone is different and happiness comes to us though different means. Sometimes I think about all the things that make me happy and act on the things that I can do that will bring me happiness, no matter how simple it may be - However I would love to be this little turtle right now and float around in blue crystal waters in much sunnier climates, even that thought puts a smile on my face. 

I always think that no matter what is going on around us, we all have a special someone, close family member or best friend who will always be there no matter what, even when then going gets really tough. I feel so lucky and blessed to have amazing people in my life who are always there without a fail to cheer me up. If something bad happens or someone makes you feel unhappy just remember this (a really good friend told me this and I think its very true). 

'sometimes when bad things happen, it allows us to warm up to others - others go though similar things and by letting go of all the bad allows new people and feelings to be welcomed in to your life'

Like I say, we all have someone close to in our lives who we can confide in and people who are there to be beside you and help you be the happiest you possibly can be. I love my friends to bits and these special relationships in my life bring me so much happiness. The great thing about friends is that you can always find them in all sorts of places and its so easy to make new friends these days - there is always someone to talk to if you reach out and look.

I think I've pretty much covered everything that I wanted to speak about in this post, and once again I apologise for the randomness of it. I just think although its such a simple thing its so important to be happy and I really hope all of you who read this are smiling away this weekend. 

Lots of Love 
and remember
Smile Sparkle & Shine ....Always

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  1. I don't know who that last quote's from, but he/she must be an amazingly profound person. With great abs. Thanks for sharing :) x PS fabulous piece.

  2. A lovely post, making Monday seem much more bearable xx


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